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Irish Chamber

2019 Finalist - Quitch

Irish Australian Business Awards Peoples Choice 2019

Quitch is an EdTech company established in March 2016. It has attracted global interest from it’s beginning. Quitch has been the recipient of numerous awards including the American Accounting Association Award for Innovation in Education. Quitch is a content neutral, gamified mobile learning platform. It is also industry agnostic. Quitch has established a product market fit in Education Institutions, Professional Associations and Corporates. We generate annual recurring revenue by licensing the platform to the Institution.


The Quitch platform comprises:
• A downloadable phone application for both iOS and Android devices
• A highly scalable cloud architecture for data delivery
• A simple-to-use web interface for educators to upload and manage educational content
• Robust data analytics about learners, including time-on-task, errors, and engagement
• Data dashboards to assist educators and administrators to understand how their learners are progressing

Technology is revolutionising the way education is experienced, consumed and purchased. Quitch is part of this solution. Growth in Global Education Technology expenditure is expected to increase from $152 billion in 2015 to $342 billion in 2025. Major disruption in the way education is delivered globally is expected to occur by 2025. This is defined as the creation of a new market or value network or displacing established market-leading organisations, products, and alliances. There are many benefits to Edtech and each of these is provided by Quitch; it can support and improve the provision of online learning. It enables delivery in markets that were previously inaccessible, such as those in developing countries. It allows connections with customer segments that are not easily engaged in classroom learning, such as adult learners with established careers. It enables assessment at scale and with integrity. It facilitates lifelong learning and supports efficiencies in administrative functions. Quitch is well placed to be a major player in this sector. 

Earlier this year, I presented Quitch, at an Education Technology Conference at IT Sligo, in my hometown. Following this presentation, I was approached by IT Sligo, Ulster University, ACCA Ireland, AIB Sligo, and CPA Ireland to investigate Quitch for their own unique training purposes.

We are currently setting up Quitch (Initial Phase) for these entities. This demonstrates a true market demand for our product in Ireland and the region more broadly. We have commenced discussions with IT Sligo about an office space for Quitch within their Innovation Centre and to establish a presence in the North West to head up operations for a roll out across Ireland/UK and Europe. We have also commenced discussions with IDA Ireland about potential funding opportunities and support for our set up. Funding for cross border collaboration between Ulster University and IT Sligo is also being investigated.

I am the Founder and CEO of Quitch and have raised ~ $700,000 in funding from family and friends. Two years after this initial funding was received we were successful in winning a competitive grant from the Department of Education and Training, Victorian Government. We received $1.86 million in partnership with Swinburne University to enhance our technology for the Vocational Education Sector.