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Irish Chamber

Emerald Leadership Program


What is the Emerald Leadership Program?

The Emerald Leadership Program celebrates and supports our established and emerging Female Leaders.

It’s women supporting women in leadership and business.

Emerging evolved, Emerald 2.0 has a new tone - dedication to community, collaboration and supporting women in leadership to achieve the tangible goals they want to achieve.

There are five components to the Emerald Leadership Program:

  1. To commence each year, there will be a National Virtual Goal Setting Session to welcome all the new Emerald participants and returning Emerald participants, introduce the chairs and help get us all set up for success.
  2. Each Emerald participant is assigned to a group of approximately 8 participants, each group will meet monthly for their Emerald Mastermind Group meeting. These meetings will be structured and facilitated based on the current challenges or opportunities faced by the group participants. This is a safe, confidential space for honest communication, brainstorming, supporting and sharing connections all in an attempt to help each other. Virtually, or in person, depending on what best suits the group for that month.
  3. Included is complementary access to quarterly Emerald Leadership Program virtual events and an expanded networking opportunity. This is your opportunity to broaden your connections locally, nationally and internationally. Current topics, very relevant and specific to women in leadership and business will be chosen. Elite level panel discussions may be a regular feature.
  4. Informal catch ups for dinner or after work drinks with your fellow Emerald Leadership Program peers (optional, depending on what the wants of each group are).
  5. Access to a library of resources and to networking with the broader Chamber members.


How do the Emerald Mastermind Group meetings work?

The purpose of the Emerald Leadership Program is women supporting women in business and leadership. Each Emerald Mastermind Group meeting will be an organised session of like-minded women who will exchange knowledge, experience and support.

Emerald Mastermind Group meetings will be held virtually via Zoom or in person depending on what each group decides is best for their participants. What we have found to have worked in the past is the formal Emerald Mastermind Group meetings will take place via Zoom each month and then every couple of months groups have the option should they choose, to meet informally outside of the program for either a drinks or dinner catch up.

Emerald Mastermind Group meetings will be held for one hour each month. When hosting meetings in person, participants are expected to provide the venue, a boardroom, meeting room or a space in a co-working environment for example, however please ensure the meeting location offers the privacy required for confidential discussions. As a gesture to your fellow program participants, in the past host have enjoyed providing refreshments at each session that happens in person. When it's your turn to host, you have any issues with space availability, please let your Chair know and we will be happy to help you. Cafés and bars are not suitable venues due to the nature of topics discussed during these Emerald Mastermind Group meetings. Emerald Mastermind Group meetings are a safe space where we expect privacy and absolute confidentiality.


How do you select participants?

Building on our experience and success with our Mentoring program, we will have a volunteer subcommittee evaluate expressions of interest and choose participants based on objectives, experience, business needs and other criteria. Potential participants who are successfully selected, will be offered a place on the program and following payment of course fees, will be invited to our National Virtual Goal Setting Session, where your journey begins. 


How much does it cost?

Fees for the 2024 intake have been set at a modest $1200 + GST and this includes all elements of the program (as indicated in the "5 components" section above). The fees are payable in one sum on acceptance of your application. Please note, in all circumstances, that the full program cost must be paid, even if you do not participate in all the elements open to you.


How can I take part?

The first thing to do is join the Chamber - sounds simple and it really is! If you want to apply for the Emerald Leadership Program, you will need to be a full financial member - and please be aware that, if groups are oversubscribed, preference will be given to existing members with a record of getting involved in the Chamber. Please note that applications for the 2024 program have closed. EOIs for 2025 are likely to open in May 2025.

How to join the Emerald Leadership Program

To submit an Expression of Interest, please click on the form below and complete at your earliest convenience. We intend to mobilise groups in June 2024.



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