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Irish Chamber

2019 Finalist - Nuamedia

Irish Australian Business Awards Peoples Choice 2019

Representing and originating from both North and South of Ireland, the Nuamedia founders have established a solid and innovative cloud communications business that is continuing to grow and disrupt the ICT industry both in Australia and back in Ireland.

Our vision is simple. We want to ‘continually improve how businesses and people communicate’ and we take great pride in achieving this through our flagship ‘Communications Platform as a Service’ (CPaaS) product, CamlinConnect.

Our previous 2017 IACC SME award was well received and provided a shot in the arm, industry recognition and endorsement for the Nuamedia team’s hard work. The business has since been able to secure more tier-one business with Enterprise and Government customers both locally in Australia and Ireland.



Technology innovation, as a key ingredient of Nuamedia’s DNA, underpins our continued success and growth. As the pace of technology continues to skyrocket – and with over $8m invested in R&D to date - Nuamedia continues to work closely with our partners such as Amazon, Twilio, Paypal, Google, IBM and Microsoft to deliver Voice and Digital Automation and Customer-eXperience (CX) solutions that are ahead of the curve and resonate strongly with both consumers and businesses alike. 

For both customers and business employees, the social impacts are abundant; Nuamedia’s view is that all customers deserve a seamless and frictionless experience across all engagement platforms. Many companies talk about this, Nuamedia is the realisation of that, delivering first to market unique and truly game-changing solutions that simplify on a day-to-day basis how employees do their job and how customers interact and communicate with BIG organisations.

Camlin’s rich set of options for connectivity with existing business applications and its ability to bring advanced services into a dialogue (e.g. artificial intelligence, language translation) means that businesses can sustain, leverage and maximise reuse of their current systems and operations.

Applicable across all industries, businesses are therefore now able to deliver superior customer-service exploiting newer digital and voice channels for a fraction of the price of traditional development methods, and in so doing, improve customer advocacy, loyalty and ultimately retention and growth. Indeed, our product can switch conversations to keyboard/display format (i.e. using a smartphone) while retaining the voice channel. Ideal for situations requiring complex data input or noisy environments, or where a user is impaired in hearing, speech or eyesight.

Keeping a strong local community presence has been an important factor in our growth in Australia. We take pride in maintaining our R&D hub and head-office in Manly, NSW, which facilitates a great work life balance for our Sydney based employees.

Within Nuamedia, people and culture are king and with a strong Irish heartbeat existing at the core, the company continues to pioneer and keep Ireland and Australia on the map building the new digital economy. This is strengthened and facilitated with the continued backing of Irish Australian business community.

Nuamedia are very proud of the industry recognition that came with the IACC award and we were also honoured to recently host a delegation of Irish Business Leaders at our headquarters in Manly to showcase our capabilities and innovation, share war stories and help build better ties between Ireland and Australia. This was very enjoyable and well received by all parties and we look forward to continuing this in the future and remaining a key contributor to the development and growth of the Irish Australian business-community.