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Irish Chamber

2019 Finalist - Emerald Travel

Irish Australian Business Awards Peoples Choice 2019

Christina Moloughney (Chris as she is commonly referred to) is a prime example of Irish Export at its best. Made in Ireland and born in Australia, Chris has engineered and transformed a small family business in 2003 to a leading SME independent agency in Emerald Travel which now has four staff. A personable and family friendly approach to travel, Emerald Travel’s success has been attributed to the attention to detail of tailored corporate and leisure travel.

Chris’s experience in travel and hospitality extends from;
• Concorde Agency – consolidation and offshore airline representation
• Australian Sales Manager – Brendan Tours (Irish / American Company)
• Axis Resources – development of online travel portal in partnership with Ninemsn / Expedia


Emerald Travel has demonstrated YOY growth with overall revenues increasing from 2003 to current day. Agents of Emerald Travel take a sense of pride as the experts in travel to Ireland and over the last 16 years have expanded their expertise to incorporate mainland Europe, UK, North America and Asia as well. Flights, accommodation, tours and insurance are often the DNA of any agency. Much of this can be replicated from one agency to another. Emerald stands apart from the competition by providing personally escorted tours, developed from the ground up by the experts with the traveler, the family, the customer at the core of it all.

Whilst Emerald Travel is an independent agent, through their ticketing agency they are now part of a wider network that allows them to access more deals and opportunities to pass on to clients. Dealing with all airlines, Emerald’s strength is being able to work with selected carriers that provide the best quality and return for their customer base. Through their loyalty to these major airlines Emerald Travel have built up a reputation that allows us to have private airfares that others don’t, therefore this provides Emerald Travel a better opportunity to secure business and provide for our clients.

The perceived disruption to travel agents as a direct result of Online and Direct to consumer bookings have forced much of the industry to rethink their theory of business. Emerald Travel’s unique selling point is not one single form of tech – it is the ability to connect with all customers across all mediums regardless. What has remained constant through this developing period is the ability to stay connected at all levels. Whilst technology is extremely important the human touch has proven to be a winning formula – especially when there is a crisis, natural disaster or that phone call when a family member is sick overseas. Emerald Travel is on call 24/7 to help deal with these situations during what can be a very stressful time for the traveler.

Networking is an integral part of Emerald Travel’s success over the years. The ability to connect with and be involved has proven to be successful. However, the strength of this is being a part of the organisations and communities and taking an active role. Chris has immersed herself in the following as a participant or committee member:
• Community Radio
• Festivals
• Sponsorship of events and charities (for example Melbourne Irish Festival and Emer Casey Foundation for Ovarian Cancer)
• Community connection

As Emerald Travel approaches 20 years in business we would like to further cement our agency as the experts in travel to Ireland but also ensure that we are in a position that all past and future clients are aware that we can do all types of travel and manage both leisure and corporate arrangements.