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Irish Chamber

2019 Finalist - Zico Formwork

Irish Australian Business Awards Peoples Choice 2019

Zico Formwork Pty Ltd is an established civil and commercial trade contractor. Zico success has been driven by implementation of its three core principles:

• Safety & Environment – Zero harm is our top priority
• Quality – Projects delivered to highest standard
• Program – Projects exceeding client time-driven demands

The focus of these three core values result in successful projects being delivered with reduced risk to client. The relationships built between Zico clients on the foundation of our core values is what delivers the continued return business.  The key drivers of the success of these 3 core values are Zico employees and the company’s investment in market leading technologies.

Zico Formwork operations span Eastern Coast, Central and Far North of Australia. Zico Formwork has the capability to deliver complex projects in regional locations through its core team of supervisors and lead-hands. This core team has been employed with Zico from its initiation, senior management have mentored this group and developed the skills and confidence within these individuals to help expand the company’s operations (regional projects completed in past two years included Mudgee Hospital, Roma Hospital, Roma Sale Yards, and Bridge Replacement on Burnett High-way)

Zico Formwork are continually working with leading formwork suppliers in the Australian marketplace. These companies include Doka, Peri, Acrow, Uni-span, and Partners Engineering. The core focus of Zico investment in leading formwork technologies is to improve safety on-site, guarantee a high standard of quality and increase productivity. Zico introduced a leading technology on the New Bunnings Development at (Newstead). The innovation was a new methodology (the client had not previously considered) to deliver false work for supports of precast beam shells and hollow core planks. The system 'Dokamatic' tables was relatively unknown in the market. Zico identified its advantages for the complex nature of the project (i.e. significant heights of suspended slabs). The investment and implementation of the tables was driven by the company’s core values. Safety was significantly improved due to all works conducted at ground level (i.e. eliminating risks of falls at height); Quality with the ability to adjust table height in supporting props at ground level; and program the use of a 10 square meter table reduced the re-cycle times of conventional systems (resulting in a reduction of time and labour resources). Through the identification of this innovation at time of tender Zico were able to secure the project in a competitive market by reducing risk.

Zico Formwork operations are managed via project management resources bench marked to ISO9001 and AS4801 market indicators in the industry. The successful capture of on-filed information provides real-time reporting to senior management of projects success or challenges.
Zico Formwork financial health is due the dedication of its team members. The company’s growth within Australia competitive market continues to meet management targets.