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Irish Chamber

2019 Finalist - Focus Enviro (Robbie McKernan)

Irish Australian Business Awards Peoples Choice 2019

We are an Irish owned company based in Australia that only started trading in 2016.

We have now built a small team of Irish and Australian experienced and dedicated humans. We have created an infrastructure of business contacts and industry experts together with offices and workshop facilities to support and grow our mission.


Irish innovation firmly implanted into the waste and recycling industry.

An award for our company would recognise firstly the efforts and resilience of our team and secondly link our Irish partners to the success mirrored here in Australia for their support and belief in us. It would also mean the world to us and like many companies in our position certainly open doors and connect us to opportunities within and related to the IACC.

What makes us worthy that we have solved problems and achieved great outcomes - community outcomes, financial outcomes. We have done something that everyone said would be “too damn hard”. The team, manufacturing partners, suppliers and clients have all enjoyed the interaction along the way.