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Irish Chamber

2019 Finalist - James O'Donnell

Irish Australian Business Awards Peoples Choice 2019

After four years’ experience in the construction industry in Ireland having graduated in 2006 in Building Services Engineering from Letterkenny Institute of Technology the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) caught up with me and I took a break and travelled to Australia to visit friends and see what would happens. In my 6 month stay in WA, I completed my regional farming work to get my second year visa and returned to Ireland in hope of economy improvement. Unfortunately that didn’t happen, and I arrived in back in Perth in 2011, where I joined a Perth consultancy firm and began my career working in the Building Services sector.

In December 2013 I joined Wood & Grieve Engineers (WGE) fire section which at that point was a team of 5 in the role of Fire Protection Engineer, where I continued learning and developing my skills as a young engineer within the WA industry. I particularly enjoy the new challenges involved with designing new and bespoke systems and learning from more experienced colleagues and fellow peers alike delivering projects including Perth Underground Busport, Perth DFO, New Museum Perth, Forrest Chase Redevelopment, Fremantle Civic Building and a number of Opal Aged Care Facilities to name a few.

After almost four years working as an engineer within WGE I was promoted to the role of Fire Project Engineer in December 2017. Since my promotion I feel I have grasped this opportunity which involves the business development, project tendering, project contractual review and agreement, design and delivery including construction phase supervision, invoicing and cost control on all projects.

As my new role is seen as a senior staff member, I also enjoy providing support to engineers and graduate engineers where required whilst also assuming the role of mentor within WGEs internal mentoring program. I believe that it is important to assist team members which improves knowledge and teamwork going forward.

I consider myself to be dedicated and goal focused and I also believe that in the past 18 months I have grown and matured within my new role whist maintaining a hunger to learn, to improve and to succeed further within my career.