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Irish Chamber

2019 Finalist - Imperius Wealth

Irish Australian Business Awards Peoples Choice 2019

With Jason O’Connell originally hailing from Westport in Ireland, Paul Nevin from Belfast in Northern Ireland and both beginning their financial planning careers there, it truly does give Imperius the all-island experience to provide Irish citizens resident in Australia. Prior to coming to Australia this year, Jason has been involved in advising the Irish community in various offshore jurisdictions for the last 16 years. Paul has been involved in offshore advice for the last 4 years before arriving in Australia this year as well.

With Paul based on the West Coast in Perth and Jason based on the East Coast in Sydney, using modern tele-conferencing technology, gives Imperius Wealth true coast to coast coverage of Australia. As it’s also likely that both their offices in Dublin and Belfast will need to participate in the often complex pension transfer process, this can again be facilitated using this technology. We have a lot of client satisfaction through the knowledge that they can deal with both locally qualified dual regulated and authorised Australian advisors with the local office presence in the respective jurisdiction of transfer. We also have the locally based legal and taxation specialists that we can refer clients to should that area of advice be required in either Ireland, Northern Ireland or Australia. This adds an extra layer of professionalism to the pension service provided by Imperius.


We are confident that this makes Imperius totally unique from a financial planning basis and different to all other expat focused firms. Cross border planning is a complex field of advice, is in our blood and something we are very passionate about. Our goal to help the Irish and British expatriate communities protect themselves and their families wealth from unnecessary taxation, costly mistakes and maverick unregulated offshore advisers, located in exotic, unregulated territories known to target Australian based expatriates. We're here to help and our door is always open. Jason is also a founding (2009) and current board member of the Federation of European Independent financial advisers (FEIFA) which is the largest trade association for cross border financial planners in the world. The effort that has been put in from an education, time and financial perspective to deliver this holistic advice package we feel makes us a worthy winner of an Irish Australian Business Award.

We will continue to grow the business mainly through contacts garnered through membership of the Chamber and attendance at the various networking events held throughout the year and as the business grows we will onboard new advisers, hopefully suitable dual-qualified, so that we can provide more coverage on the ground, for the various major capital cities outside our current bases of Perth and Sydney.

Imperius planners can be summed up as Strategists, wealth planners, project managers, risk assessors, voice of reason, critical friend, coaches and sounding boards - the right financial planner can become one of the more important people in your life.